Animal Portraits.
Made with colourful inks and watercolours.

Greeting Cards
Greeting card designs for any occasions.

Adult Colouring
I have lately entered the world of coloring books for adults.
It is something which gets more and popular here in Denmark, and I keep getting surprised by the range of designs, genres and concepts there are out there.

So this is my take on the whole genre, where I combine the idea of coloring book with making your own Christmas decoration!

You will get a printed A4 sheet with the template of the cornet - it’s up to you to decide the colors.
I can guarantee there are many hours of entertaining in this one and a great way to relax while being creative - it might even be a good stress relief in the busy Christmas day.

Maidens of the Seven Seas
For some time ago I started on a project called Maidens of the Seven Seas.
The main idea was to create seven mermaids from seven different cultures and tribes. Mermaids are a common folklore in most parts of the world, but have with time become very ‘Disneyfied’, sadly. So these are my mermaids - strong and fearless. The seven queens you might call them as well!

1. You often see the Koifish in modern art and tattoos, and it made me think of the idea of a Koi mermaid.
I have always enjoyed the myth about Koifish becoming dragons, and their general symbolism of luck, strength, love and so on.
Of course I then had to keep the theme Japan, and then thought it would be natural to pick a geisha looking female for the rest.

2. Lady of the Amazon River.
I have used many reference photos of tribes of in the Amazon rainforest, for example the Assurini and Kayapo tribe, to design this mermaid. Interesting reading is always a bonus, when you research.
The “crown” of feathers has been changed to a headpiece of sea leaves and fishbones, while the grass skirt is a part of her skin, to create the illusion of fish scales. The face paint is quite authentic, since I love the simple dramatic war paint!
Of course I had to put a piranha fish in there - it’s a classic.

3. She is kinda the ‘odd fish out’ I guess - she is a bit different from the others.
I was thinking something like Arctic Ocean/ old Siberian culture. I have always been fascinated by creepy deep-sea fish with big eyes and anglerfish, so they have been my main inspiration.

4. Inspired by Aboriginal people, from Australia. The tail is from a coral trout (with all those lovely colours) and her upper body is of course decorated with the traditional white paint. I also decided to add some mermaid eggs in a basket

5. Inspired by the Maasai people, Kenya. Her tail is the one of a swordfish.

6. Inspired by the Native American culture.  I am not sure if it is technically a mermaid, since I have made her lower body as a seahorse - but it kind of made sense to me.

7. Queen of the Red Sea!
With that in mind I decided to make her in an ancient Egyptian style, with beautiful jewelry of seashells and a golden khopesh sword.
A pharaoh’s headpiece would often be blue and gold/yellow - and since she is a queen I have used to same colours to make her more majestic!
And then of course I had to add the eye of Horus on her face.
Her tail is full of patterns and you might notice that it looks like a Lionfish.


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