I have over time illustrated for a number of boardgames, books, website and other fantastic projects.
Among those are also greeting card designs.
Sadly I don’t have the space to show them all, but you can a good handful of them in the
categories down below.

Adversary is a card game containing about 100 illustrations.
I have painted them all with ink, pens and then did some retouching on the computer to bring out the drama and contrasts even more.
Because Adversary is a game filled with contrasts
- it is the dark vs. the light. The night vs. the day.
The concept of the game is that the two divinities; Underworld and Celestial are fighting and collecting souls. The god with most souls in the end is of course the winner. In this battle for mortals, resources like brave saints, foul demons, miracles and sorcery are used to weaken the opponent.
The tricky part of creating illustrations for Adversary was, it is a game that involves religious tones.
It is filled with symbolism and expressions which immediately leads your mind to certain already known religions.
But it was quite important for the writer and I, not to have the players to think of specific religions when they play the game. We wanted it to open without labels.
We aimed to make a mix of folklores, mythology and cultures, so the viewers of the illustrations would have to keep guessing and creating stories of their own. The mix of settings also kind of tells a point, that most believes and religions share some of the same themes and feelings - so the art of the game remains broad yet slightly cryptic.
The game is not set in our world or a certain made-up universe, so the idea is that the players create their own interpretations.
So you could say, even though Adversary is a game printed in black and white, it contains a lot of shades and signs to play with your imagination.

Conjurers is a board game containing around 100 illustrations, plus the board itself.
Most of the illustrations are digital art, but it also contains pencils sketches of gear and items.
The game is a fantasy themed game about getting resources through tactical moves and fighting the opponent with magical and deadly creatures.
The setting in Conjurers is bright and lighthearted
- it has the same tones as the older PC games ‘Heroes of Might and Magic’ and ‘Age of Mythology’ (if you are the type who can recall that sort of things).
You can harvest materials like Settlers and use them to build even stronger armies and kingdoms.
 I had the pleasure of illustrating a lot of magical creatures - most of them are well-known beasts, such as Sleipnir, mummies, Kalypso, the Kraken, minotaurs…just to name a few.
As a fantasy nerd myself, it was such a lovely opportunity to explore all of these tales and myths from around the world, and then get the chance to do my own take on them.

Covers and illustrations.
Mixed bookillustrations for Rollespilsforlaget, Ulven og Uglen and self published writers.
They materials are all from digital to old school pencil drawings.


I’ve designed this blue cheerful mascot Drako for the Danish toy-store SejLeg.
Darko lives in this colorful fairytale looking world, filled with all sorts of adventures.
Besides Drako himself, I have also illustrated the surroundings and decoration for the website plus other commercial products such as logo and flyer.
Sejleg sells toys with a high activity level and many of their products are great alternatives to what classical toy stores offer. It was important to me for this energy and joyfulness to shine through the designs.
Drako is of course a young playful dragon, but at the same time he fits in various roles such as a cowboy and a pirate - he even likes to use a pogo stick even though he has wings.  He represents the curiosity and the explorer in every child (and ofc. in some adults). It’s the faith in everything is possible through imagination and funny games.
The decorations on the website changes through the year as we pass Spring, Summer, Autumn and so on. We even see special occasions, like how Drako is spending Christmas and Halloween. He is never bored that dragon!
It has been most lovely to tag along with Drako in all of his adventures - and I’m sure his story is a never ending one.


Illustrations for Esbjerg Online Newspaper.

Wine label design and character designs.








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