What is this site?
You are looking at an online gallery by Sophie Grunnet – I bid you a warm welcome!
I use this site to bring you information about my work and me as an artist. Let us call it my portfolio here on the web.
The site will be updated time to time, so feel free to visit it again. In the meanwhile you are most welcome to receive updates and news, from the social media I am on.
Just click on the icons to check them out.

Who are you?
My name is Sophie Grunnet, also known as SilverGlass to some.
I am a freelance illustrator, a dreamer and an artist by heart and mind.
1986 was the year I was born and I have been drawing and creating the most of my life.
In this process I have studied at several artschools in Denmark.
I have felt the greatest development for me as an artist, in the times were I studied at ‘Kunst og Design Århus’ and ‘The Drawing Academy Viborg’.
These days I live near Århus, while I spent most of my childhood at the beautiful Mols.
In the sections on this site, you can experience some of the work I have done through the years. As you might notice, then I love colours and I mostly mix some kind of magic/ fantasy into my art. The thing is, that I always try to be a storyteller when I create drawings and paintings – it doesn’t matter if the illustration is of a landscape, a creature, a logo or a portrait. The best illustrations should make you intrigued and curious, and most of all, the colours should enchant your eyes.

What is the deal with the name SilverGlass?
Well…If you haven’t guessed already, then I am a huge geek. An old-school geek, who loves movies, videogames, dungeons and dragons and most of all; Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.
SilverGlass is mentioned the lore of Lord of the Rings - it is this beautiful light, which your soul turn into in the afterlife. It is a magnificent light, and I find it most poetic. So as an admiration of Tolkien’s work, I have picked this as an artist name.
I have always used my drawing skills to express my love, hate and fascination – which also explain why there is a fanart-section on the site.

What types of media do you use for your art?
Several of pieces on this site are digital art – which means, that I have drawn them on my computer.
In many years, I have used programs from Corel Painter, but these days I only use Adobe Photoshop.
I draw with a very old model of a Wacom tabletpen – but I love it as an old car.
I also enjoy using old-school pencils, acrylics, ink and watercolours!

I really like one of your artpieces – can I buy it?
First of all, thank you for the interest – it warms my heart, really!
I sell prints of some of my work, in form of posters and postcards.
You can also meet me at markets around in Denmark, where I bring my drawings, cards and Fairy Doors made out of clay. I always post on the frontpage about my future markets.
You are also welcome to visit my webstore at  Etsy

I have this awesome project, and I want you to make illustrations for it!
I have made many illustrations for many different projects in the past. It has been most fun and I love the process and the experience I get by doing it.
So I would gladly hear from you – but be aware, that I am expecting payment for my work and of course a reasonable deadline. I am always willing to make you a price offer, without any commitment.

What is your goal?
You mean besides hugging a reallife panda and to dance in the rain of Venice? Oh with art…well, to draw is such a big part of me, which I never will be able to live without.
I will always continue to train my skills and seek new ways to make art.

I hope that you enjoy the art, just as half as I do making it :)

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me

I wish you all the best.



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