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I bid you welcome to my new website!

It has been a longer process to convert everything into this new platform, and I couldn’t have done it without help.
Many thanks to Edward for support and help.

In a digital world filled with social media platforms, it is easily to drown in the big waves of information, opinions and cat pictures.
Especially when you are just a little fish such as myself.

I do enjoy sharing my work – but the amount of work can sometimes be overwhelming.
After all, I do prefer to spend as much time as possible on doing actual art.
Therefor I have decide to focus on my own site, a solid platform where I will write about all my art-projects and newest creations.

Many things are going on these days, and I will slowly getting around to tell about all my current projects.

Coming up in the nearest future is the wizard faire “Magiske Dage Odense” where I will have my own stall.
You can come and visit me 18-19 October where my stall is open from 10- 17.

You are able to find me on the 1st floor in Studenterhuset
Read more about the event here:

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