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Welcome to my world of crafting

Hello all of you,
hope you are all doing well and are enjoying the summer : )

I have decided rebrand my Patreon site, so it will be about all my art projects.
Keywords will be; art, craft, fantasy, nerdy stuff, love for rpg – so it gives me more freedom to create whatever I feel for.
Patreon will be used for early releases, drawing adventures and craft recipes.
Hopefully my creative projects can inspire YOU to make more fantasy crafts!

Just to name a few things I wanna create, then I’m gonna look into alternative map making, notebook decoration, miniature books, victorian masks, nerdy holiday projects and fantasy lanterns….and more!

What is in it for you to support me on Patreon?
First of all I would grateful that you want to help me out becoming a full-time artist!
I try to give you back some cool stuff in return – these different tiers gives you following rewards;

Page of SilverGlasses $2 per month
You are rewarded with:
Early access to all my art projects.
Illustrated DIY guides.
Behind the scenes photos/ videos of all my craft projects.
You can vote in Patreon polls.

Knight of SilverGlasses $5 per month
All the benefits of the previous tiers plus:
I’ll send you cards and little handcrafted gifts.
You will get one for your birthday and a card for x-mas (and then random ones when I have something cool to give you)

Queen or King of SilverGlasses $25 per month
All the benefits of the previous tiers plus:
Get a monthly character portrait made by me!
You will get a bust portrait of any character you want, you can pick between pencil style or digital coloured.
I need your character description before the 10th each month (text and preferably reference pictures)
I’ll send you a sketch for you to approve before I then finish up your drawing.
Note; You will get a digital version of the portrait (in a printable quality)




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