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Crits and Giggles

I did a series of fairytale character portraits for the podcast Crits and Giggles. The story is set in a Pathfinder roleplay game and the podcast is produced by Dragons and Things. The portraits are also used in the intro…

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New items in my Etsy store

I have been extra crafty the last few weeks and will slowly upload it on my Etsy shop - so keep an eye out : ) For example; I have designed 3 new miniature magnet scrolls. Would like to make…

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Now on DriveThruRPG

Gally & Grumble: Terrific Travels is now available as PDF on DriveThruRPG! A printed version will also be available in the nearest future! DriveThruRPG Webshop

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Sophie and the colours

Just finished a couple of commissions to colour some illustrations I did for Monsters & Magic. Originally these were designed to be black and white, so I definitely had to turn my head around it differently in order to make…

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Recent Work Progress

When I feel for it, I like to upload little time-lapse videos of the drawings I make with Procreate. Recently I have made two; A character portrait of Kali (have also attached some sketches of the process) And also an…

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