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If you would like me to be a part of your next project or you seek to commission an artist, then I have added a bit of relevant info.
I have done various types of commission work, and I can say for certain: They are all different from each other.
And that is why it can be difficult to write down a pricing list, without knowing anything about the project.
But these are guidelines at least. You are always welcome to drop me an non-binding inquiry.

I normally go through these following steps when I do portrait commissions:

1. Gather info/ reference picture of the character.

2. I’ll make you a sketch which you get to see and comment on. You get to agree on the overall design (we’ll do some colour tests to see what looks best, if necessary).
I’ll then move on to cleaning the piece – adding details and shades.

3. I’ll show you the final piece (you can still add comments, but at this point I can’t do major changes)

4. When payment is sorted, I’ll send you the final file (which is 400 dpi A4 sized)
If you need help with printing, I might be able be able to help, but that is an extra service of course.

I do not make illustrations with following topics/themes:
Pet portraits (though I don’t mind drawing fictional animals), children portraits, tattoo designs, full nudity/sexual content.

You can contact me on

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