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Sophie Who?

My name is Sophie Grunnet, also known as SilverGlass to some.

I am a freelance illustrator, a dreamer and an artist by heart and mind.
1986 was the year I was born and I have been drawing and creating the most of my life.

In this process I have studied at several artschools in Denmark.

I have felt the greatest development for me as an artist, in the times were I studied at ‘Kunst og Design Århus’ and ‘The Drawing Academy Viborg’.
These days I live near Århus, while I spent most of my childhood at the beautiful Mols.

In the sections on this site, you can experience some of the work I have done through the years. As you might notice, then I love colours and I mostly mix some kind of magic/ fantasy into my art. The thing is, that I always try to be a storyteller when I create drawings and paintings – it doesn’t matter if the illustration is of a landscape, a creature, a logo or a portrait. The best illustrations should make you intrigued and curious, and most of all, the colours should enchant your eyes.


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