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70 years ago Lord of the Rings was published, which I’m celebrating with this series of magical illustrations.
It has always been on my bucket list as an artist to illustrate some of Tolkien’s tales and decided this year was a great excuse to do so.
It is series of smaller pictures, most of them are A5 or A4 sized, some even smaller.
With old recycled frames around each, they form a golden collage and brings you into beautiful Middle Earth.
A place which both contains light and darkness.
The illustrations are mainly painted with watercolours, but I have also added pieces made with pencils and mixed art (such as a cosy wooden Hobbit door)
At this point the series contains 13 art pieces, but there might be added more during the year.

Simblemynë, Death of Théodred


Created with GIMP

Nazgûl Gloves

Hobbit Door


Fangorn Treebeard

Athelas Kingsfoil

Mithrandir Gandalf the Grey

Frodo in the Dead Marshes

Elven Windows and Shelob’s Lair

Tom Bombadil

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